Advanced Dentistry with Traditional Values™


Q. What symptoms can be resolved at Bay Breeze?

A. The majority of the patients we treat are suffering from headaches, migraines, face/jaw pain, TMJ/TMD, and other recurring discomforts of the head, neck, mouth, and jaw.

Q. What can cause the symptoms resolved by the treatment?

A. Improper or unbalanced forces within the head, neck, and jaw can be caused by a number of factors including dental work, poor work posture, accidents, head trauma, or many other conditions.

Q. What should I expect during an exam?

A. We can provide important, objective, diagnostic information which may help identify the causes of your symptoms. The examination includes a computerized measurement of the force balance in your mouth on a tooth-by-tooth basis, and a computerized measurement of the disability of your muscle movements. Then your mouth movements will be measured. With these easy, painless tests, we can expect to be able to see where your problems lie.

The remainder of your comprehensive examination will help you and your dentist pinpoint other related areas of mouth health, muscle health, tooth related issues, and other potential problem areas which will be addressed during your treatment.

Only specially trained dentists are equipped with this unique combination of diagnostic tools and education, which can often lead to immediate symptom resolution for patients.

Q. What is the treatment process?

A. After completing an exam and providing a diagnosis, Dr. Santana may prescribe a personalized program of therapy and rehabilitation designed to lead to lasting symptom resolution. The treatments are painless and drug and needle free. The treatments are primarily performed by a specialist within the dental practice and utilize patented technologies, many of which are derived from advanced sports medicine therapy.

Q. What will I experience after the first treatment?

A. Depending upon your symptoms, patients often realize immediate relief and see objective improvement in their symptoms. 

Q. What does treatment cost?

A. It depends upon the diagnosis of the individual patient, but in general, treatment cost can range from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars. Our practice offers flexible financing options to make treatment affordable to everyone. Please call 603-610-8765 to schedule a consultation.

Q. Is the treatment covered by insurance?

A. It depends on your insurance carrier and policy. Call 603-610-8765 to schedule a consultation and we can explain your insurance coverage and/or financing options.

Q. What is the purpose of the questionnaire?

A. An examination begins with a questionnaire. It is important to understand what issues and specific symptoms you may be experiencing and what might be causing them. This could include a history of accidents or problems you experienced many years ago. The more Dr. Santana and her team knows about you and your history of dental, head, and neck issues, the more likely we can help relieve recurring symptoms.