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Countless numbers of people suffer from headaches on a weekly or even daily basis.  For many years, common headache treatments have overlooked the role that the mouth, jaws and bite alignment can play in triggering this type of pain.

Malocclusion, or the misalignment of teeth, is a prominent contributor to headaches. When biting or chewing, the teeth exert tremendous pressure on their opposing counterparts. If the bite pattern is disturbed even slightly, this pressure can result in radiant pain throughout the head. 


Dr. Santana and the team at Bay Breeze treat a wide array of root causes for headache and migraine pain.Whether you suffer from a simple bite force imbalance causing intermittent pain or discomfort, or you have chronic headache or migraine pain that has lasted for years, our treatments could help you finally achieve the long lasting pain relief you have been looking for! 

Our breakthrough migraine and headache treatments focus on restoring bite force balance and harmonizing the interactions between head and neck muscles, joints, nerves and teeth — NOT drugging the patient to mask symptoms. Therefore you can expect a painless, drug-free, needle-free treatment experience. 

Our migraine and headache treatments can begin immediately upon completion of the diagnostic and examination protocols. All treatments for migraine and headache pain are performed on-site by Dr. Santana and her team. You will find our facilities warm and inviting — our staff pleasant and attentive.

The root causes behind headache and migraine suffering are different from person to person. Each patient is given a custom-tailored course of treatment specific to their unique diagnosis. The full course of treatment for headache and migraine is usually about 12 weeks in length. Treatment sessions occur once a week and last about 50 minutes.